World Class Partnerships

MJ Lasky provides a unique Venture Catalyst consulting service that is deeply rooted from stellar business relationships that reflect a collective century of remarkable experience. Michael was extremely fortunate and honored to have two great mentors and eventual partners further guide his career as he strives to continue this great tradition of mentorship and guidance.

Adrian J. Wilson, F.A.I.A.

Adrian Wilson Associates (AWA) Founder, CEO. Architecture, Engineering, Global Master Planning Services-

When history accounts for the top engineering, architectural and master planning firms for the 20th century, names like Bechtel, Fluor, Parsons and Wilson come to the forefront. Adrian J. Wilson was an architect, engineer and master planner (F.A.I.A.), sole owner of AWA with 32 offices around the globe. Today’s aggregate value of his work is nearly $40 billion. He was a master planner for the Pentagon and NATO for 20 years, as well as serving global industry, foreign governments and commercial architecture around the world for 35 years. Mr. Wilson sold his soley owned firm (AWA) which was partnered with HNTB (aka 
Adrian Wilson Associates/Howard Needles Tammen & Bergendoff- AWA/HNTB, lic. #G6966) in 1976 to TICOR continued a consulting service whereby Adrian eventually partnered with Michael in 1981. Five years of invaluable experience with Adrian offered Michael life lessons in macro politics, international protocol, global financing and a rare insight to historical events.  This consultancy afforded Lasky the opportunity to work from Adrian Wilson's extraordinary rolodex of remarkable and accomplished leaders of state and industry that spanned the globe.

Notable achievements by Mr. Wilson's architectural services include hundreds of complexes such as the Los Angeles Music Center (Dorothy Chandler Pavilion), Chinatown, Los Angeles Harbor shipyards and Naval Base, LA County General Hospital, LA Courthouse, , and the Los Angeles Civic Center. The City of Anchorage (master plan,) dozens of convention centers worldwide from Las Vegas to the famed Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu. 72 Air Bases worldwide, hospitals, universities, power plants, airports, residential communities, commercial sky scrapers and homes for Kings and Dignitaries. The late Mr. Wilson's list of accomplishments was incomprehensible as it covered almost 60 years, all continents, global infrastructure for dozens of Governments and countless consulting positions.

Hall Bartlett
(Producer, Writer, Director)

Hall Bartlett graduated from Yale University Phi Beta Kappa, was a Rhodes Scholar nominee and served five years in US Naval intelligence. Hall subsequently launched his film career with the Oscar nominated documentary film Navajo, the first contemporary picture to focus attention on the plight of the American Indian.

Bartlett’s films received ten Best Picture and Best director awards at international film festivals, fourteen Academy Award nominations, eight Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globe Awards, and more than seventy-five national and international awards from publications and organizations. Three of Bartlett’s films- Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Children of Sanchez and The Search of Zubin Mehta are regarded as screen classics. Hall Bartlett directed an impressive slate of twelve major motion pictures.

Bartlett partnered with the young MJ Lasky and co-developed a dozen projects in 11 years, prior to his unexpected death in 1993. One of their many film projects included “Catch Me If You Can”. As a director/producer team, Bartlett and Lasky co-owned the rights and drafted many scripts (unproduced) for the project . The rights/project were eventually sold to Speilberg's company. Hall and Michael also developed  a three-picture slate which included the re-mastering of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The production team grew to include Robert Watts (of Spielberg and Lucas fame), as a production executive with an exemplary credit list of blockbuster motion pictures. The stellar network of associations built during Michael's tenure with Hall Bartlett were yet again an invaluable contribution to Lasky's team of associates.

Michael J Lasky 
(Producer, Writer, Consultant)

Mr. Lasky has bridged entrepreneurial worlds as a producer and visionary consultant. As a CEO in media and architectural worlds, Michael found comfort in the parallels of these two worlds by macro-managing teams of designers, craftworkers and project managers while maintaining the vision, mission and values of the endeavor. 

MJ Lasky's recent film production endeavor (Living Luminaries) is a project that exemplifies the value of a stellar network of associates. Michael spearheaded a motion picture with twenty-three featured cast members of extraordinary accomplishment of self realization and the teaching of wisdom. This cast included three of Oprah Winfrey’s ‘favorite’ NY Times best selling authors, world religious leaders and dignitaries, academic scholars and iconic Luminaries in popular culture. Such notables as Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Bernard Beckwith (The Secret) Geronimo Ji Jaga (aka “Geronimo Pratt”) Don Miguel Ruiz, Matthew Kelly, Dr. Harry Morgan Moses, Dr. Obadiah S. Harris, Dr. Rev.William S. Epps, Tibetan Venerable Lama Chödak Gyatso Nubpa, Rabbi Yitzchok Alderstein, Rabbi Nachum Shifren, “The Surfing Rabbi” and even more Living Luminaries.

 The content of this film can empower lives. This film addresses life's purpose and serves as a lifelong resource for insights to finding happiness, understanding the human condition and ultimately knowing what it is that we are here for. It is a great example of the purpose of our organization as it serves humanity on a grand scale for the greater good.

Lasky founded Gotham Metro Studios and G4 Studios to brand a “New A-List” of theatrical box-office talent by casting stellar pop culture, Conscious Celebrities in their true persona. They are not actors, they are the real Stars of our time. These cross-over A-List Stars receive celebrity placement in mega-selling public speaking events, guest spots on prime-time television broadcasts such as Oprah and are now featured in docu-drama theatrical motion pictures. Lasky's new production company E4 Studios is developing a slate of new, fresh and powerful motion pictures for 2014-15.